Do I always need to book ahead?

We  recommend you do, as we get very busy, so to avoid disappointment please book ahead.

How do I book my flight time?

You can  book your flight time  by phoning us, quoting your voucher number.

How do I buy a flight experience?

You can buy a flight experience  online on this website or by calling our sales line, and pay by debit or credit card. Flight experience vouchers are dispatched to you the same day.

Does it have motion?

Our simulator is a fixed based trainer. It does not move, However due to the 120 degree visual system most customers believe they are moving and even hold on when flying turns.

How closely does the simulator resemble the real thing?

Our simulator is a replica of the real 737 cockpit.

Do gift certificates expire?

Yes. Your gift certificates is valid for twelve months from the date of purchase.

What is the minimum age?

We invite youngsters who wish to fly from the age of 12.

Can I bring a friend?

Our Simulator is designed for you to bring a friend to watch you during the flight. However there is a limit to the number of people sharing the experience. Up to 3 other people can sit in the cabin behind the cockpit.

How extensive is the briefing?

We can make the briefing as technical or as simple as you want. In most cases we  try to keep the briefing as short as possible so the maximum of flying time is achieved. Your voucher flight time does not include the briefing and debrief  sessions. If you have booked a 1 hour flight simulatorexperience then you will get 1 hour in the cockpit flying the aircraft.

What should I bring with me?

Because our flight simulators are so realistic, we are required  to confirm the identity, and keep records of, everyone that comes for a session at the controls. Please bring a piece of photo ID, either your passport or driving license, when you come for your flight experience.

Do I need any flying experience?

No. Most of our customers have never flown an aircraft before, but we will guide you though the procedures real pilots go through during their flights.

Can I fly the Simulator myself?

Of course. Your Instructor will guide you through the process and you will be the Pilot in charge during the flight.