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Virtual Airline Pilot: All the facts

Learn to fly our simulator solo! 

Once trained, you’ll fly without the aid, or presence, of an Instructor. You’ll be able to fly your friends, family or work colleagues to over 24,000 destinations around the world.

You will be trained in all aspects of flying our jet simulator, following a process similar to gaining a real pilots licence – for a fraction of the cost!

This 10 hour course (the hours don't have to be consecutive) will allow you to emulate every aspect of an airline pilot’s day to day job. 

What do you get?

Free Pilots Log Book (provided on course completion)

737 Technical Manual (provided on course completion)

Course materials and training log

10 Hours simulator time

5 hours classroom time

How do I book this course?

You can either book this course in one hours slots, 2½ hours slots (which would be a full morning or afternoon), 5 hours slots ( full day including free light lunch) or the full 10 hours which is a full two day course including lunches.

If you feel you do not want a full 5  or 10 hour slot you can still purchase these and take advantage of the cost saving and divide the time however you wish.

On completion of 10 hours simulator time

We will send you a special code which will allow you to purchase  discounted flights all year round! This will allow you to fly the simulator without an instructor.

Flight Simulator Experiences

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