The Simulator



Airavana operates a professional B737NG fixed base flight simulator at our facility in Derbyshire. It is used by professional pilots as well as catering for the enthusiast and experience market. The simulator uses the very latest technology, ensuring every system and control works just as it would in the real aircraft.


Technical Details

The simulator has fully functional PFDs, hydraulics, electricals, APU, bleed air, oxygen / pressurisation systems etc. The Flight Management Computer (FMC), Autopilot (MCP) and Primary Flight Displays (PFD) are all interconnected and working correctly. It is possible to fly programmed routes using LNAV & VNAV right from initial SID to STAR, then utilizing Auto Approach down to threshold. This allows complete airline operations to be simulated faithfully as well as allowing IFR procedure training, approaches, holds etc to be carried out. The throttle is fully motorised with fully moving trim wheels, spoiler deployment and auto moving throttles. The aircraft system logic is fully operational allowing complete cold and dark start ups to be performed.

The simulator has a 220 degree wrap around visual system with High definition graphics for total realism.

Weather can be pre-programmed into the simulator to replicate a particular weather scenario or the actual weather for the day.